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Part 162: Operational Report: 17/05/42

The Tuna attacks a troop ship off gthe Marianas Islands today, reporting a solid hit and bodies in the water.

While the airfield at Wake gets another hammering from the enemy.

The Plunger is continuing to hunt off the coast of Japan. Today she finds herself a tanker – a very valuable target to us, if we are to cut off Japan's fuel supplies.

If that fire is a fuel fire, then she is as good as gone.

The Japanese have brought fresh troops to Sinyang, at least one fresh Division, and it really pays off for them in today's attack.

They also do well at Kiukang.

While we make some ground at Tsiatoso,

Calcutta gets another heavy battering today as those Betty bombers return to paste the airfield once more.

The Banshee's continue to attempt to sink the Myoko today. But at this rate, its going to be a case of nibbling it to death.

After several hectic days, we have a quieter one, many troops are resting before starting their assaults once more. The increased Japanese presence in China was to be expected, but hopefully these troops will grind themselves down before we lose Sinyang.

We do claim that Tanker though, which is nice. The Japanese fuel reserves now stand at around twelve months. So anything we can do to strangle them is going to help to shorten the war.

In other news, the 32nd Divison is setting out from America to Fiji soon, where it will join the other troops massing there. The number of troops coming in from America is really starting to ramp up now, and soon transporting them will be the problem.

But that's a nice problem to have.