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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 163: Operational Report: 18/05/42

The Tautog- a new submarine that we've not heard from before – makes an abortive surface attack on a ship.

Kiukiang goes badly for the Japanese today after a good day for them yesterday, its nice to know things are back to normal.

Sinyang is also back on track, as their extra troops do nothing to their ability to shift out troops.

Today I order an assault on Chenting today, and it works magnificently.

That's another section of China reclaimed!
Hong Kong would be ours, if not for the fortifications the Japanese have built there in the last four months.

We'll get there, as long as they don't get reinforced.

The Bettys return again today, and the Calcutta runway is now beginning to look like the surface of the moon.

The Chittagong airspace lights up once more, we manage to bag three Nates from this raid.

The assault on Canton Island begins again today, and its a fair bit bloodier than before, but this is fine for us, as we can absorb the losses more than they can.

Not much to report on here, just moving along. Although the Invasion of Baker Island should be kicking off tomorrow, so that should be a little more interesting.