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Part 165: Operational Report: 20/05/42

The Greyling gets another confirmed dud torpedo.

At least we're slowly getting closer to getting the problem fixed. I've threatened to start using the designers as target practice for the big guns of the repairing battleships if they don't sort the problem soon.

The Japanese are preparing Wake for their planned invasion. They take out a dive bomber and more of the runway. These planes will be the most effective defence for the island, the remains of the numerous damaged carrier planes that have sought refuge here.

At Baker Island, the Colorado arrives, and the Japanese freighter that is sitting there gets the shock of its short life.

This may seem like overkill, but that's one less ship that the Japanese can use against us later.

The Canton invasion has a slow day as our troops rest.

Ledo is raided once more. Today they manage to destroy one of the C-47's on the ground.

We do win the daily engagement over Chittagong.

Shortlands sees a large raid of carrier based planes, but suffers little real damage.

Only a small engagement at Sinyang today.

Its the same at Kiukaing.

East of Wuchang, our 70,000 men attack the 7,000 Japanese troops there, routing them.

Time to follow up on this, as these men are now going to be a major assault force in the area.

One ship sunk today, and a few planes, but this was a lull day, as we seem to have about once a week. Time to do some more bookkeeping and move on for today.