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Part 168: Operational Report: 23/05/42

A Japanese sub has taken up position off India, and today sinks on of our supply ships.

The Japanese bombers continue to hit Ledo, our supply port into China. This is good tactics from them, and I would love to know how they found out where I'm keeping my supplies.

Chittagong sees another wave of enemy planes, and we come out marginally ahead today.

While the troops who defended Rangoon all those months ago finally make it north to Akyab, where they launch an attack on the defenders there. Low on supplies and ragged in formation, they take heavy casualties, but its this or surrender.

Off Japan, the Sailfish continues to suffer torpedoes woes.

And here's your report from the blood soaked ground of Sinyang.

Kiukiang also sees its pound of flesh.

Up in Kaifeng, we force the Japanese defenders back from the base.

We're also making good ground on the defenders of Hong Kong now that we've reduced their fortifications somewhat.

Wake gets another visit from the Japanese bombers.

There's not much of a runway to bomb though, but they are preventing us from rebuilding it.

Burma heats up today, but its business as usual for the rest of the theatre.
We get a note in the ops report that the cruiser Tone is still around, and not sunk as we were told.

Yes Intelligence, the Amami Oshima Fortress would be found at Amami Oshima, wouldn't it.