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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 169: Operational Report: 24/05/42

The Japanese take another crack at an amphibious landing in Pakhoi.

Things don't go well, this is their best landing phase, in another they lose 50 men trying to storm ashore amongst the hail of fire from the shore batteries.
The attacking force soon gives up and re-embark their men from their pinned down sections on the beaches.

Another wave of men assault Kiukiang, to the usual effects.

We continue to force the enemy back from Chengting.

The O19 takes a hit from the deck gun of a ship she is stalking.

The Port Moresby Banshee's go out after the Chokai today, but can't find a way through the flack.

At Guadalcanal, I order the operation to mop up the defenders in the north of the island.

Men to retake the south of the island are on their way back, having for some reason tried to invade and then withdrawn.

The supply depot is raided once more, and we lose four valuable transport planes.

Another quiet day, but these are good for us at the moment, more time to build up forces and move them around.

Dull for you, but that's war.