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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 170: Operational Report: 25/05/42

Lunga, Gudalcanal, and the troops that I have sent to retake the south of the island arrive, to find a large enemy task force unloading Japanese defenders into the island.

With only one warship, and it being ours, the Japanese fleet withdraws. But if I had any warships in the area, they could have had a field day.
Even as the men land in the south, our forces in the north continue to mop up the Japanese forces.

The Captain of the Pike sends us a message comprising of a small amount of information and a long string of slurs about the torpedo manufacturers.

The Japanese planes in China show their faces after a few weeks of absence.

its not a sterling return, but it means they are still around.
Things go wrong for us at Kuikiang today, but this was bound to happen at some point, and the losses are nothing catastrophic.

The Enemy tries to force us out of Shaohing, but their assault just runs into our guns.

While we send their forces fleeing in Tating.

The relentless bombing of our supply base continues.

A fairly good day in China, with a missed opportunity at Gudalcanal.

As the enemy are unloading more troops, I'm going to send the last two combat regiments from Fiji out there, along with the Battleship and the two carriers to try and cause some trouble, I can call all these off if the area gets dangerous.

Apart from that, more boring bookkeeping.