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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 171: Operational Report: 26/05/42

Once more the Japanese sail a battleship into Port Moresby. This time, the ship opens up on the packed airfield, causing large amounts of damage to the planes there.

While the submarine Truant decideds to forgo torpedoes and lays into a troop transport with its deck gun.

Another raid on Ledo. I need to move some fighters to the area.

The Japanese bombers switch their target from the ruined Wake airfield to the Port, which they have ignored until now.

Kuikiang returns to the proper casualty ratio.

As long as we're killing more of them than they are of us, I'm a happy PACCOM.

To the west of Canton, the Japanese take a break from their constant ineffectual bombardments to make an ineffectual deliberate attack.

We do lose Chengting once more as the Japanese force following ours attacks. I need to reverse the large force in the hex to the east now, as they are cut off.

Those battleships are getting annoying, but there is nothing I can do to get them, as if I send in any battleships, there will turn out to be twice as many Japanese ships as the number of battleships I send in, despite the fact that Intel tell me there is only one.