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Part 172: Operational Report: 27/05/42

A cruiser pays a visit to Guadalcanal today, and catches three of our freighters unloading there.

the result is a forgone conclusion. Although I must say that the Japanese needed to expend a large amount of ordinance to do so.

To the north, the Truant continues to favour working deck guns over temperamental torpedo, although they have now expended most of their ammunition from the deck gun.

Although this doesn't stop her surfacing and trying again later.

This ship, however, is armed, and the Captain of the Truant decides to beat a hasty retreat.

The O19 is a little more successful with its single torpedo.

The Japanese seem to have a carrier stationed at Rabaul, which they are using to raid Shortlands – only to little effect.

This seems a odd use of a valuable asset, but maybe the Japanese are scared we're going to sink another of their carriers.

Another undefended base is taken near Australia, but the enemy don't seem to be using them for anything.

There is another raid on the supply depot. I'm going to have to move these planes out now, the enemy are intent on destroying the base.

While they have two divisions of troops near the border.

But the Japanese don't get it all their way, as our men at Akyab take a chunk out of the defenders there.

Remember, these poor bastards have been marching north for months now since the fall of Rangoon – which was so long ago I can't remember how long ago it was. They are low on supplies, bedraggled and have not slept in a proper bed in months. Still, they are willing and able to launch an attack.

The Chinese Air Force get their first day in the air on a good while today, but can't bring any of their targets down.

Kiukiang continues to tick over, it must be getting close to Sinyang like decimation by now.

We also take out pound of flesh from the southern Japanese forces.

Slowly, but surely, we get closer to taking Hong Kong.

This is going to be a long battle, but thats going to throw the history books out the window if we manage it.

Dam, those ships at Guadalcanal were carrying planes to take over the airbases there, thats a annoying loss. - especially as that's an Aircobra, a P40 and a Dauntless squadron at the bottom of the sea!
It seems to be the day for admitting losses, as the ops report is busy.

In India, I'm going to support the attack on Akyab by sending the 23rd Division south to take Cox's Bazzar. This should force the Japanese to rethink any invasion of India proper by taking away both of their ports – thus strangling them of supplies.