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Part 173: Operational Report: 28/05/42

The Japanese bombers, which are seemingly inseparable, makes an attack on Calcutta, but lose one of their number to the defending Hurricanes.

The assault on Akyab continues, but my men may need to take a break to reorganise.

The raids on Wake continue to hammer the airfield into the stone age.

Denpasar is still holding out, they get daily air raids like this, but they never seem to take any real damage.

I'm only reporting this today as its a quiet day.
Just like the numerous raids on Shortlands, which always seem to fail to hit anything.

The two British carriers are in a task force patrolling the waters to the south of Guadalcanal. Today they make their mark by finding an enemy ship unloading more troops in Lunga, and make sure three hundred Japanese soldiers don't make it ashore.

The troops in the northern part of the island are having trouble dealing with the previous defenders, and I dread to think how many Japanese are on the southern part now.

The bloodbath at Sinyang continues.

As does the fighting at Kiukiang, although the Japanese come out ahead here.

In the north, our forces in Kaifeng have turned around and faced the Japanese force following them. This seems to have come as a surprise to the enemy, who take heavy losses.

A suspicious three hundred point and three ship jump in the enemies ships sunk section leads me to check the operational report for the turn.

Another carrier is added to our lists.
Speaking of that, its time for the monthly update for Asset Tracking.

No Junyo – but if that's is a real kill, then we are equal with the Japanese in carrier losses.

Nothing else of interest to report.