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Part 174: Operational Report: 29/05/42

At the Reef Islands, which are to the south east of Guadalcanal, the British battleships come across a supply convoy, most likely heading for Luganville and the large number of troops stationed there.

This is exactly why these ships and the carriers are out there, to try and starve the defenders of Luganville out rather than wasting men in a frontal assault.

At Guadalcanal, our carrier based planes continue to cause havoc.

They then return in the afternoon, and we claim another ship and leave two more burning.

Who was complaining about the Albacores?
This is perfect cover for the arrival of the American invasion force from Fiji, who begin their landings in the south of the island.

Then the men land, taking a few casualties.

While Denpasar gets two mentions in as many days as we get a raid by carrier based raid.

The Tautog makes a attack on a freighter using both torpedoes and its deck gun, leaving the target listing heavily and burning.

The fighters in Chihkiang go up again, but once more fail to get any kills.

While Sinyang gets a break, the enemy push forward into our guns at Kuikiang.

In the north, tow large forces clash outside Chengting, and both sides take heavy losses.

With 48,000 men, this is one of the enemies major troop concentrations in china.

Hong Kong continues to slide slowly towards our control.

So I moved the entire contents of the supply depot to a new base, and the day after the planes get there, so do the Japanese!

I am now certain one of you is reporting to the enemy. OSS will be interviewing each of you separately. With pliers.

Wake gets a combined attack, but it does little damage.

While another Japanese carrier, possibly the Shoho, raids Eniwetok.

Up in the north, the Japanese begin an invasion of the Aleutian Islands.

The undefended base is quickly taken.

You know, I just realized that the Swordfish on board the Illustrious are set on training, so today's kills could have been far greater.
We're trying again tomorrow, let see what they can do. I'm also routing in the battleships, as the area should be safe enough for them.