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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 176: Operational Report: 31/05/42

Wake continues to be raided from the Marshall Islands groups.

At long last, the Chinese fighter finally get a kill on those bombers that are making daily raids on Chihkiang.

Kiukiang. Why do the Japanese continue to throw their men into this grinder – we're illprepared, inexperanced and low on supplies, and we're still slaughtering them.

Although, this is not an ill-advised as their attack on Kaifeng.

The Port Moresby Banshees have been quiet for a while, but their back with a bang today.

While the carrier planes can't find any ships, so settle for plastering the airbase at Guadalcanal.

The Japanese take Milne at the tip of the Peninsular.

Again, this is somewhere we need to watch, as it can be a stepping stone for an advance on Port Moresby or even Australia.

Once more, the airbase at Jorhat gets hammered. I'm going to need to move those planes out of the range of the bombers.

Well, it looks like the Japanese are continuing their advance, abet slowly. If we can continue to bleed them like this, then we can win this war before I die of old age.

The Invasion of Milne Bay needs to be watched, especially as the enemy seem to be moving more men there.