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Part 178: Operational Report: 02/06/42

The Growler tries to take out a sub hunter. They report a hit but yet another dud torpedo.

As does the Gar when she attacks a light freighter near the Marianas Islands.

But Captain Nemo aboard the Nautilus reports a good hit on a troop transport.
Please note some facts in the above statement may not be 100% accurate

Today's raid on Wake is especially effective for the enemy.

Mainland Australia is bombed by ground based bombers.

damage is minimal, but this is a dangerous change in events.

Still no kills for our brave Chinese pilots.

We see a quieter day at Sinyang today, but the Japanese still lose nearly a thousand men.

While the losses at Kiukiang continue at their steady rate, both sides seem to lose 500 men a day in this city, and the Japanese have more men.

The north has been quiet for a few days, but an renewed attack on Kaifeng today sees some nice losses for the Japanese.

While at Amoy I risk an assault, which comes off perfectly, giving us another coastal base.

But I pay the price of listening to Intelligence in another area, where I attack what I'm told is 500 men.

Sorry, but how did they miss the other 14,000 Japanese soldiers?

We continue to grind down Hong Kong, but now the troops there will need to rest, being fatigued now as well as disrupted.
Nesh nancy boys.

The Banshees go cruiser hunting once more, with little effect.

After blunting our attack yesterday, the Japanese forces at Akyab attack the poor bastards from Rangoon, forcing them to retreat with heavy losses.

The Japanese have stepped up their operations in the Philippines in the last couple of days, finally getting their act together and cleaning up three bases with their garrisons.

As you can see, we're down to one base now. Soon these remaining men will be policed up and the Japanese will be in complete control.

A fairly busy day on the ground, but with little air combat. The two carriers are heading back to Sydney to refuel, and load some torpedoes (the Formidable has only four left on board). After which they will move to patrol Port Moresby. If the Japanese are going to continue these raids, then I'm going to put something in place that can bag the Myoko once and for all.

The Men who retreated from Akyab are now going to head north to Cox's Bazaar, to which men from Chittagong are marching south. Hopefully they can take the harbour, and then I will bring these decimated units north to replenish their losses. There are 7,500 men in 13 units. So once they are back to strength, they will be a useful addition to our forces.

“Wake Coastal Gun Battalion is planning for an attack on Wake” - it looks like the Japanese are planning to send those men home. We also have the enemy planning to attack Chittagong, which would be suicide, with the number of troops I have there.