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Part 180: Operational Report: 04/06/42

Calcutta is raided again, and once more, our hurricanes cannot even bag a single of the attackers. I may swap them out with the 67th to increase the chance of causing some losses to these planes.

Wake comes under attack again today, but the damage is minimal.

In China, we manage to get Four planes into the air today.

Still no kills, but half the enemy planes go away damaged.
Sinyang is unimpressive today, not even a thousand casualties reported.

While Kiukiang continues on as normal today.

Do you remember that attack on the coast I made a while ago, well the unit that made it is still being chased by a division of troops who really should have turned back and marched on Hong Kong.

The Banshees decide to obliterate a patrol boat with 2000lbs of explosives.

Another dull day. But at least now I have something else to talk about.
While the Carriers Formidable and Illustrious have both reached Sydney, I now have no fuel in the city, and precious little in the area – even Cape Town and the other British off map ports are empty barring Abadan, so I'm having to ship some in from India. This means taking the long route around Java to avoid their Bettys.

This is annoying, as I have just gotten a large number of troops into the city, and have 300 assault value of troops just waiting to be used. But the number of combat ops I'm running out of the area is burning through the local supplies far to rapidly.

Dam the lack of Tankers.