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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 182: Operational Report: 06/06/42

The captain of the Warrego sends a report of attacking a Japanese submarine, but cannot report any hits.

The Tambor gets a hit on a transport near the Marshall Islands.

Its nice to see a torpedo explode now and again.

The Traunt continues a good day for our submarines with a solid hit on a freighter near Java.

Shortlands sees a large raid that manages to hit absolutely nothing of value.

While our Banshee's go to town on those troop ships.

Its always good to reduce the enemies numbers like this.

Its even nicer to see a few planes slip through the enemies fighter screen and put a couple of bombs into a marauding cruiser. We get reports of internal explosions from the pilots, so there is a chance we hit a ammunition store room.
Lets hope we see the Myoko on the kill list soon.

There is a minor attack at Sinyang after a few days of rest there.

The Imperial Armies efforts at Shaohing continue to go badly.

The ragged Rangoon remnants come under attack once more by a Japanese force twice their size.

Despite their dire lack of supplies, these brave combination of Indian, British and Gurka troops hold their ground and force the Japanese back.

Nearly exactly six months after the first attack on the islands, the last base in the Philippines is finally taken by the Japanese soldiers.

I salute all the brave men who have died to defend the country.

A day that takes us across the majority of the theatre, losing the last of the Philippines is a forgone conclusion, but this will lead to the freeing up of enemy troops. The men of Rangoon are doing far better than I could ever do, and there will definitely be some medals for every man once they reconnect with the main army.

We have a good day with the reports, adding another cruiser and a destroyer to the lost, but losing a submarine.