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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 184: Operational Report: 08/06/42

The Tambor is having a good time around the Marshall Islands, and gets two MK 14's to explode on the same target.

The Enemy bettys make another run on a supply convoy at Calcutta, but this time I've moved the crack 67th squadron to the city, they only manage to get two planes up off the damaged runway, but they soon show the rookies how its done.

Unfortunately, they are unable to stop the attack on the ships, and we take heavy losses as they get hit unloading in the harbour.

When the next wave comes in, we get four planes from the 67th into the air, and the results speak for themselves.

This feels dam good after a month of raids from these bastards, now I finally get the right people into the right place, and get my revenge. Each plane shot down is the loss of a experienced crew.

Cook Town is raided again, as the enemy seem to continue to build up the numbers of bombers they have in the area.

After yesterdays losses, we're only able to get one plane into the air above Chihkiang today.

Sinyang sees more combat after a couple of days of rest and bombardment, not that there is much left in the area to bombard.

We also see another battle start up near Wenchow.

With the fortifications reduced, the enemy in Hong Kong suffer today under the weight of our attacks.

The defenders of Kuikiang have decided to make an attack today, and we lose half of the force that make this foolish charge.

The Japanese are putting more men ashore opposite Port Moresby, but they suffer a series of accidents that leave them with heavy losses.

We have no troops there, just a coastwatcher who sees Japanese soldiers flounder in the water.

A poor day for us, as we lose 6 ships. We do claim 22 planes though, and this cripples those squadrons in Burma. It also makes the Aces sheet interesting.

Move over Wagner, Wigglesworth and Smith are here. With five kills today alone, Wigglesworth proves that he is the best pilot in the pacific theatre. He is now a triple Ace and looking forward to becoming a quadruple Ace.

As a squadron, the 67th has now claimed 147 kills for 53 losses.

Our next worry is Port Moresby, which is now under threat of another raid by the Myoko.

I'm activating the two damaged cruisers who have been hiding in the harbour for over a month now, hopefully the damaged Japanese cruiser will be overwhelmed by our ships.

This could be interesting. I may change my mind between now and tommorow.