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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 185: Operational Report: 09/06/42

I decided to cancel the cruiser task force in Port Moresby this morning before resolving the turn, deciding not to risk them.

Thank God.
I think that the pilots running the surveillance patrols in the region are blind, this is the second time that they have missed Two fucking battleships. Jesus, If I hadn't rethought my plans we would have lost two more cruisers!

While this is going on, the Japanese roll up another of the islands near the port.

They seem to be capturing them all, but not doing anything with them.

The Narwhal radios in a failed attack on a transport near Wake. Could this be the harbinger of a new invasion force.

They bomb the island with their Betty's again, but its largely ineffective.

Then the troops storm ashore under fire from the defending regiment of troops.

Our men open fire mercilessly, and the entire first wave of enemy troops is killed. (somehow, we kill two guys twice, or one guy three times.)

The raids on Cook Town continue.

Sinyang goes very well for us today, as we take less than fifty casualties while slaughtering over a thousands Japanese soldiers.

Then we suffer a major setback in the north, the enemy attack and our forces break, thousands surrender or are killed. This breaks the back of our forces in the area, as well as providing the enemy with a great propaganda moment.

The Japanese continue to chase our men up from the coast.

While we continue to hold at Shaohing.

The Rangoon remnants near Akyab are attacked once more, but manage to hold off the enemy for the time being, while continuing to try to withdraw north.

While we got lucky at Port Moresby, and held Wake, the loss of 11,000 men in China hurts.

I'm redeploying the British carriers to Suva, where all the fuel in the area is, they have just enough to reach the port.

And now back to badmouthing Intelligence, who, not only missed two battleships again, they give me this pearl.

“Guards Mixed preparing for an attack on Wake” - do you mean those guys who lost 600 men there today under our guns?

I should just fire the lot of them and replace them with monkeys.