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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 186: Operational Report: 10/06/42

Not giving up this time, the Imperial Army orders another assault on the shores of Wake Island.

Another wave follows this one and loses another 50 men on the beaches. Once more, this tiny piece of sand is enveloped in smoke. For anyone who doesn't know what we're talking about here, here is a picture taken while our carriers were in residence.

It barely even rates as an island, more of an atoll, but it has been attacked so many times already in the last six months. And a third wave takes another 58 men off the attacking forces, our machine guns and artillery barrels begin to glow. Another two waves cost them a hundred more men, but we are unable to stop the streams of men coming ashore.
The enemy support this attack with the bombers, but there is by now little on the island left to bomb.

The battle proper begins, and casualties are fairly even on both sides, as the enemy have managed to get two and a half thousand men ashore today.

The enemy make another futile attack on Sinyang.

While our own attack on Hong Kong continues to go slowly. I'm going to try some deliberate attacks. I would wait longer for the men to rest, but I'm paranoid about the Japanese rushing support troops to the city.

The Japanese, after spending the last few days unloading troops, now claim the base at Buna.

This is very close to Port Moresby, and the climatic battle gets closer and closer.

I feel we will lose Wake once more. I contemplate sending out the carriers, but decide against it, its still two weeks until the Lexington is repaired, so I want to hold off until then.

So for now, all I can do is sit and wait for the fuel issue to be sorted, and ships to be repaired.