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Part 187: Operational Report: 11/06/42

The O-21 is hunting off New Britain, in what seems to be a target rich environment.

Unfortunately her torpedoes are not up to the job.

Pakhoi invasion number six starts today. The Japanese are fixated on taking this port from the sea.

Of course, the problem with doing something regularly is that your enemy can set up planes, like, maybe setting a submarine to wait for the force.

Thats one less mine layer to worry us.

At Wake, the transports and the unloading troops come under more heavy bombardment, and hundreds more Japanese soldiers are lost trying to get ashore.

This does nothing to stem the swelling numbers, and the defenders are slowly force back, and given nowhere to hide, they are soon forced to surrender.

Although they had made the Japanese pay for this invasion.

A massive nonentity of a day. None of the plane raids did anything of interest, and the whole of China is having a day off to lick its wounds. Only Wake had anything of interest going on, and even then that's been a forgone conclusion for the last month at least.

I'm not sure where the 22 operational losses have come from, unless our newest toy has already had an accident.

Having just made it through the Panama Canal, the Wasp, along with the North Carolina, has arrived and is now under my command.

Loaded with planes, we now have two fleet carriers, and are now ten days away from having three! The luxury!
And I suppose I better mention this ship as well.

Apparently she's famous or something.

And there is defiantly an assault on Port Moresby planned.