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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 188: Operational Report: 12/06/42

I get a large way through the day before realizing that very little is happening. So I decide to show some of the daily infective attacks.

This is the daily Denapsar raid, I think that the enemy have stationed a carrier in Soreabaja. Either that or they have carrier planes spare and are using them here.
They continually pound the useless runway, every day.
To the north you can see the last troops we have at Java. Every day I get 10 or so reports of troops landing, but there is never any attacks.

Although the enemy do have a confirmed carrier in the area. Once more intel reports that the planes are from the Akagi.

The Sailfish comes under attack off the coast of Japan.

She easily escapes damage and lives to fight another day.

Sinyang bursts back into life today, with the same old results.

While the poor bastards of that small force I sent to the coast to capture some land continue to be hounded up the length of China by an entire division.

Annoyingly I lost a screen shot for this area, as we drive back a Japanese force with a powerful force.

This is to the south east of Sinyang.

Thank god for China. I really thought that this would be an empty day.

I've ordered some attacks for tomorrow in China, but for now there is little I can do, with the Australian Fuel Crisis going on.

This won't last for long though, it never does.