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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 189: Operational Report: 13/06/42

The Trout hits a ship with a torpedo, only to get the now infamous “Clunk”.

She had used six torpedoes, so a few hours later she comes back an used another four.


Denpasar is raided again, this time the Shoho is thought to have launched the planes.

The one serviceable plane at Chihkiang. It soon sees the waves of planes ahead of it, and the pilot then withdraws without firing a shot.

The coward! This is China, your life isn't supposed to mean anything to you! Or have I begun to believe the propaganda.

South of Chuhsien, the Japanese launch another attack, while Sinyang and Kiukiang have a break day.

There is another attack at Shaohing, as the Japanese try and prevent our forces advancing on Shanghai.

Then my attacks begin.

Our assault a Kiukiang costs us some men, but shows us that we have a large numerical supremacy in the area. Do I continue these assaults at cost, or try and find some other way of breaking the enemy?

We cut their northern supply routes by forcing the small force from the city of Chengting. If we could take Tsinan as well, then we could cause some serous problems for the large force in Kaifeng.

At Hong Kong, I'm trying deliberate attacks as opposed to shock attacks. This is to try and maintain the cohesion of our forces.

I may also look at replacing the commanders in the area.

Continues slow advances in China are the name of the game at the moment.

Not much else to talk about I'm afraid.