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War in the Pacific

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Part 19: Operational Report: 25/12/41

Afraid of our daylight fighters, the enemy switch to bombing Rangoon by night, with some success.

They then mount a daylight raid, this time supported by Zeros. We are unable to stop this raid and lose another Buffalo trying.

Our motorboats have some success today, surprising an unloading freighter and the harbour patrol boat and sinking them both.

After a couple of days rest, the CAP above Clark field is able to put up a fairly decent defence when they are attacked by carrier based planes.

Jolo is invaded and captured today, as we were warned by Intelligence.

After getting a couple of duds bounce off its target, the Stingray finally gets a torpedo to explode against its target.

Over Changsha, the Chinese airforce once more take to the air to try and stop the bombing of one of their cities.

In Wenchow in southeast China, the enemy's attack is stopped cold as they run into a strong defensive position held by the Chinese soldiers.

Our planes from Ambon attempt a raid on Ternate, but have little success.

As do the Swordfishes off the Hermes, but at least they attempted an attack.

But in Malaya we suffer another reversal as the enemy continue to march south from George Town and take Taipang with little resistance.

Merry Christmas!
Right, with that out the way, back to work! An average day today, our subs were not that active, and there was little remarkable in air to air combat.
We did add two ships to our roster without losing one ourselves, which I count as a good thing.

Its nice that Intel know how many men are in Tokyo, this is extremely useful information for me, as I am planning on launching the invasion there tomorrow.
Sorry, I've had a bit to much of the Christmas cheer.

TF308, one of our surface raiders is now south of Davo, but as we have reports that there are still two battleships moored in the bay, I've ordered the force south to see what it can do to stop the enemy reinforcing Ternate.

Our other raider groups, the cruiser task forces 108 and 125, as well as the carrier Hermes have been ordered to make trouble around Kuching before returning to Soerabaja for refuelling and rearming. There are several enemy task forces in the area, so hopefully we will get a few Boxing Day kills.

A quick check on the Prince of Wales shows us she's not taking on any water, so should reach Cape Town for repairs.
I also get a new freight in Cape Town, allowing me to ship the hurricane squadron out towards Port Moresby.

The dive bomber squadron is now active in Port Moresby, they have enough range to raid the enemies operations on the other side of the Peninsula. Tomorrow should see another nasty surprise for the enemy as these planes take to the air.

As well as these planes, we now have 12,000 defenders digging in here.