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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 190: Operational Report: 14/06/42

I've failed to mention this before, but I've sent the battleships north of Fiji to a pair of islands that I am thinking of invading, but don't know the enemy strength at. This is the only way I can think of to “scout” the area, so they get a visit from some high explosives.

While I'm doing this, the enemy are waiting for some of my ships moving between Sydney and Suva. Once more their submarine penetrates our destroyer screen and targets one of the larger ships.

She soon sinks, and somehow, the Japanese submarine hangs around long enough to pick up the pilot of the Achilles' float plane.

Cook Town is attacked once more.

The defenders of Shortlands see a large bombing force, but the damage is minimal.

The Japanese bombers switch targets today, going for Hong Kong to try and slow our advances there.

It does nothing, as the deliberate attacks contine to make ground. Our troops are still getting disrupted quickly though.

On the south coast, a couple of light divisions have a go at each other near Foochow.

My attack near Anking continues to go well, as out three to one numbers and lack of Japanese supplies cause problems for the defenders.

A pretty standard day, although the loss of the Achilles to enemy submarine action is an annoyance.
I go through China an change some generals around – the ones attacking Hong Kong get relieved and replaced. But that's about it. Suva is Jammed up with ships trying to unload troops and load fuel, so everything's taking for ever to get done, Sydney is slowly filling up with fuel once more, but for now my attacks are still stymied.