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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 191: Operational Report: 15/06/42

The Triton runs afoul of our defective torpedoes once more.

There must be something wrong with the crusier Myoko, as she has run away from a light freighter that she had cornered in Port Moresby.

Low on ammunition? Damaged from previous dive bomb attacks? I don't know, but its odd behaviour from a heavy cruiser.
The Japanese also send bombers to Port Moresby for the first time in weeks.

The results are the same. I've even managed to ship in some extra planes.

The residents of Cook town must be getting used to the constant raids by now, but I'm going to have to get those planes out of there.

After a few days off, the Chinese pilots are back in the air.

The rest has not improved their aim unfortunately.

China decides to take break today, so a shorter combat report than normal. I also have nothing to add operational wise, as Suva is still Jammed with ships and Sydney has only enough fuel for one combat force.

I am sending the British carriers north though, so we may get some action out of them.