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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 192: Operational Report: 16/06/42

The Warrego find the I-18 again, and makes another round of depth charge attacks against it.

The enemy bombers return to Port Moresby, and are once again met by our fighters.

The waves continue, as do the number of enemy planes falling from the air.

It seems to be a maximum effort day for the Japanese today.

The Japanese once more strike at our forces to the south of Chuhsien.

While we strike near Anking.

The forces from Chittagong have reached Cox's Bazzar, and have found it empty.

There were 20-30,000 men here at one point, so it looks like the enemy have called off any plan to invade India. Its time to start a counter offensive.

Another relativity quiet day, but the taking of Cox's Bazzar and the butchering of Japanese planes over Port Moresby make it a good one.
Although its a momentous day for another reason.

The Prince of Wales is back! Yes, its been months since she was damaged, and I know that there were doubts that this LP would last long enough to see her return, but here she is, as good as new.
Better in fact, as she has been upgraded in the time she has been in the dry dock. Now she is more than ready to face the Japanese once more.

I'm shipping her to Colombo first. There she can refuel and pick up a few extra ships (she has three destroyers protecting her at the moment.) and the move down to the action area.

The troops who just took Cox's Bazzar are now planning to attack Akyab, but I want to give them a bit of time to plan before having them move out.