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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 193: Operational Report: 17/06/42

The enemy have another major force in the area of Port Moresby. They strike at some cargo ships in the area, which I'm hoping do not contain some more fighters and dive bombers I was sending to the port.

The Evertsen puts up a good fight, seeing how outnumbered she is, but all the ships are outnumbered and outgunned, and are quickly sunk.
I want medals for the entire crew. Now.

At Denpasar, the normal bombardments are supported by planes from the Akagi.

The Chinese pilots keep trying to take out the bombers that continue to fly over Chihkiang.

Shaohing comes under attack once more, but we continue to hold there.

In the north, Chenting changes hands once more, as once of the massed Japanese forces arrives and drives a wedge into our flanks.

We take heavy losses, but the enemy don't get off entirely without loss.

The Formidable and Illustrious make an attack on Luganville as they pass.

Those monster stacks of Japanese are going to be a pain, as Asset Tracking has previously mentioned. I need to avoid them and continue to take weak spots in the line away from the Japanese.

The enemy have less troops in Luganville by this latest information. There are also several ships in the area, so we can expect some fun from the British carriers over the next few days.