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Part 196: Operational Report: 20/06/42

The I-8 continues to make a nuisance of itself off the coast of Australia.

At least she's not hunting any of my precious fuel hauling tankers.

She comes around and hits the West Portal again. One the plus side, this does mean she has used 12 torpedoes.

Apparently two days of mocking is all it takes to turn things around in the Chinese airspace.

Sinyang is attacked once more, another day, another pile of bodies.

The Japanese force that has been pursuing our men from the coast today get a bloody nose at Hengyang.

Now the tables have turned!

One of our scouting planes from the Formidable tries its luck at the daily bombing raid on Shortlands.

Although the only effect is to raise the morale of the troops stationed there, who are overjoyed to finally see a friendly plane. This one plane does radio back for some support however, and the next wave gets a surprise.

Meanwhile, the bombers are off making the Nachi's life difficult, hitting her time and time again with bombs and torpedoes.

They then return to finish the job and put paid to talk of their obsolescence.

The replacement Banshee's make their mark today, heading out to Buna to take out a cargo ship.

I liked that day. We claim a cruiser and cause the standard heavy losses in China. Add to that the good day in the air, and we're on to a winner.

In the op report, I learn that Intelligence think that the Hiei is still around.
Suva is getting close to being unjammed, only a few troops are on the ships, so in a few days we should be able to plan an attack. Current reports on Luganville make their numbers at 8,000 men, so I may try and take that island, or send men north to try and take some of the other smaller islands.

I'm sending the battleships back to Sydney for repairs, as they have picked up some light damage from general wear and tear.