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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 197: Operational Report: 21/06/42

Another Japanese submarine makes itself known, and we lose another supply ship.

The Banshee's go out again, and another ship is hit by their bombs.

Low on sorties, the British carriers are heading home. The do raid Guadalcanal on their way though.

The Skipjack has to use three torpedoes before she gets a live one, once she does it causes heavy damage on the enemy.

The Japanese take one more undefended island near Port Moresby.

It seems that yesterday's successes were a fluke, as Vulture Squadron once more takes to flying around aimlessly.

Our Tsinkiang offensive continues.

As does the battle in Hong Kong. The casualty ratio is firmly on our side, but at 300 men a day, the enemy will be able to last for another 18 days at this rate.

Another useful day. We trade a couple of cargo ships and get two more confirmed from earlier in the year.

At Pearl, we now have three carriers ready for action, with the Wasp only a few days out. Once she has arrived, I'm either going to try a raid on Wake, or hold them for an offensive.