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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 200: Operational Report: 24/06/42

The forces have arrived at Baker Island. This is much quicker than I expected, and they have not had the time to plan. I don't remember ordering the attack just yet, but I'm going to have to live with that. I've been working hard recently, and some things are beginning to slip my mind.

We lose 171 men as they go ashore, and an accident claims the lives of ten men.
Then the Japanese counter attack, this hits ourr men with a force six times our own, and the front line troops are overrun.

The second line troops are quickly captured, and the entire first wave, over 3,000 men, is lost. This effectively puts paid to our invasion of Baker Island.

The Dutch submarines are still out there, and today we get a great prize in their sites.

There are reports of the fuel cargo burning, as the Japanese not only lose an irreplaceable cargo ship, but several trips of fuel.

Vulture Squadron takes to the air, and today, I don't get to mock them.

Getting better lads, your getting better.

The assault on the forces south of Chuhsien goes wrong for the the Japanese, as they lose over a thousand men again.

While their attack on Hengyang is more successful, keeping the casualties comparable.

Shortlands gets its daily raid, but as normal it causes little damage.

While the Banshee's take a crack at the Nagato.

The Japanese are not being idle though, as they are landing troops on Tulagi today.

They seem to be landing with tanks alone, and many get bogged down on the beach.

Well, thats not how I wanted day 200 to go.
Thats right, we've now done 200 days of this war. I was going to do a video, but I

a) Can't get a decent file size that leaves the writing readable. Which is important in this game.
b) Have a slight stutter and lisp that make the commentary attempt painful.

So you get a normal report.
The only things I really do today are order the Baker Island force back to Suva and send some more men to Midway.
I do this based on a (shock, Horror, Disbelief) useful intelligence report.

Knowing my luck, they mean Pearl Harbour.