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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 201: Operational Report: 25/06/42

The enemy continue to unload tanks onto the shores of Tulagi.

The rickety Japanese machines have real trouble getting off the soft sand.

The enemy, now recognised as the 3rd Tank Regiment, are then hit by our own forces, comprising the 132nd Infantry regiment and the 193rd Tank Battalion. The far superior American tanks make a mess of the Japanese armour.

The Japanese continue to fail to hit anyone at Shortlands, our men now being well camouflaged in the jungle.

It also seems that the Japanese are still reinforcing Buna, I need to conduct some more recon in this area before launching the attack, but at least that's some more war material we don't have to worry about.

For now, I'll settle for blowing up another ship.

While in other news, the Japanese begin an invasion of Brunei in the north of Borneo, a base that they have long ignored, and I had even forgotten about.

The enemy are starting to make ground at Hengyang, as they blast their way through the defences there.

At Anking, we make another successful attack on the defenders, but with three times the numbers of troops, this is only to be expected.

Having gone quiet for the last few weeks, we finally see some action on the Indian front, as Smithforce gets attacked by the Japanese.

This battered force has yet to escape their pursuers, but they are not giving up without a fight.

A day very much based in the Dutch East Indies, but this is not a bad thing, as we avoid any major losses.
I gain myself a hundred political points by withdrawing a load of unused plane squadrons early, with 990 points, I'm getting closer to getting the pencil pushers in Washington to give me one of the Divisions sitting on the west coast.

At Port Moresby, I take one of the Catalina squadrons off naval searching and order them to recon Buna. I did this with Luganville yesterday, and its giving me some useful results.

lets see if a few more days will increase or improve this information.