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Part 202: Operational Report: 26/06/42

The Japanese torpedo another ship, this time they use one of their midget submarines.

These things are about the same size as their torpedoes, yet they are seemingly as effective as our own larger submarines.
Of course, they also have the subs big brother around, who finishes off the wounded ship.

Wait, two submarines hanging around Colombo....
Their after the Prince of wales!
Once more, our spy has informed the enemy of our plans, and they has set a trap. But having used a large number of their torpedoes, they are now unlikely to be in place in time to get their main target. The captain of the Malda may have unwittingly saved the pride of the Royal Navy.

The Wahoo (who names these subs?) makes a surface attack on a Japanese ship, and manages to get numerous hits on a Japanese troop transport.

While some of our Warhawks pick a fight with a patrolling Nick squadron. They come off worse in the engagement.

In the afternoon, we return with the bombers, as we now know that the enemy are using the airfield in Lae.

Although we lose two planes, reports of at least three enemy planes leaving in flames show that we have hurt them, but have not been able to confirm the kills. Also note the battle between two aces show in the image above.

At Guadalcanal, the Japanese continuen to unload tanks onto the shore of Tulagi, and our Sherman's continue to pick them off.

Vulture Squadron manages to get some more kills today and prevent any real damage to the base below.

In the north, I took the undefended city of Kalgan a few weeks ago. The Japanese have responded to the presence of this Corps, and have attacked with six divisions of troops, with five other brigades in support.

Sinyang sees a minor attack today by a small force of Japanese.

And our assault at Anking continues to go slowly.

At Hong Kong, we smash our way through the last of the enemies defences. Tomorrow I will order a shock attack, to try and drive the enemy out of the city once and for all.

We do take another undefended city today, making no real change in the totals.

Actually, we increase our score by retaking Chuhsien from the enemy with a lone Corps.

Not a bad day, the subs around Colombo are a pain, and the losses in the air at Port Moresby are less than desirable. On the other hand, we expanded our Chinese holdings and are taking a tank brigade apart at Guadalcanal.

On the kill board, we see that that tanker hit yesterday has gone down, that is a major loss to the Japanese, as that ship represents a large amount of oil and fuel they no cannot move around.

At Colombo, I order out a new anti sub patrol, something I should have done a long time ago, lets hope they can sweep the sea of battleship hunting subs.

The British Carriers are going to the Ellice Islands, partially to check for supply ships, and partially to try and scout them better. Luganville has 11,000 Japanese soldiers, and while I still hope to bypass it, the Island will need to be taken, as it is worth 450 points to the enemy.
I move a scout plane squadron and a Squadron of B17's to Canton island, and as soon as we has supplies, the bombing of the enemies' southern holdings will begin.

The last thing I do in a day of major movements, is order a load of planes from Calcutta, now to far behind the front line, to the newly reconquered Cox's Bazzar.

The Burma Front could get interesting, especially as the advancing forces have met their first resistance.

Two of those brigades are set to pursue, to best shatter the enemy force, which I'm assuming is smaller than mine.

The Japanese are planning a counter attack though, so this is not going to go completely my way. And there are all those troops in Anyang to worry about....

Teledahn posted:

I assume that neither you nor that japanese have any significant number of troops in Port Moresby / Buna. Looks like you could just walk over that peninsula in a week.

There is a heap load of mountains and Jungle in the way.

There is a reason the Japanese never made it to Port Moresby, despite rapid advances everywhere else.

I also love how the thread is turning into a little history lesson every day