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War in the Pacific

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Part 203: Operational Report: 27/06/42

The Japanese forces at Tulagi continue to unload onto the beaches.

But the men of the tank brigade soon realize that it is pointless, and we see a mass surrender on the beach of the men pinned down and unable to advance their tanks through the wreckage of the hundred and fifty or so destroyed or disabled Japanese tanks that remain after the previous days fighting.

In Sinyang, we see another bloody day, while the defenders of one of the few intact buildings, now known only as “Ang-Lee's House” report taking out another force of enemies that have been trying to force the small platoon from the building for weeks now.

While to the south of the now Chinese occupied Chuhsien, we continue to hold off the attacking Japanese forces.

The situation is the same in Shaohing, where the Japanese continue to throw themselves at our forces there.

At Henyang, we also hold off the Japanese, our lack of preparation and experience balanced out by the enemies poor leadership and general exhaustion – mainly from fighting from the coast to this point.

At Hong Kong, we overthrow the defenders hastily thrown up defences, and once more advance deep into the city.

I am going to keep up the attack like this, I would really like to conquer the city by the end of the month. Then I can begin digging in.

North of Akyab, our 23rd Indian Division and support clashes with the Japanese 25th Division.

The battle is inconclusive, but this is only the first day.

A very dull day in the air, made up for by some good battles on the ground. While individually nothing spectacular, the surrender of enemy forces at Guadalcanal is always a good thing.
In addition to the surrender of the forces in Tulagi, the enemy force north of Lunga also seem to have surrendered.

I'm ordering the troops there south towards the base, there are 2 enemy units reported there, so I may be able to break them, if not, then I can at least get an accurate idea of their numbers before the attack proper.

Erm, Intelligence, the report “7661 men are Stationed at Eniwetok”.
We fucking own Eniwetok you moronic bastards!

Jesus. I seriously despair of them.