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Part 204: Operational Report: 28/06/42

The captain of the Wahoo for some reason decides to make an attack on a sub hunter, when he misses with all six torpedoes, he then has to hide from the attacking ships.

In the evening, she tries once more, this time at a proper target, but this time a dud torpedo precedes their fleeing.

The Banshee's raid today is disrupted by the presence of the Nick squadron, we manage to bag one of the planes, but lose a Banshee in the process.

In the afternoon, we trade a hit on the ship for another Banshee.

Vulture Squadron return to form today against a reinforced squadron of Japanese bombers.

Hong Kong holds, and it looks like I'm going to have to hold our men back for a while to allow them to reform.

Seeing that Smithforce, the battered and half starved once defenders of Rangoon, has a chance of linking up with the front lines of the British Empire, the Japanese launch a desperate attack to try and annihilate them before they escape.

While to the north, the advancing 23rd Indian Division takes heavy losses trying to break through to them. It seems that Smithforce will need to hold out for a while longer.

So close, yet so far.
Although, Smithforce is not the only force that has been existing behind enemy lines. The 1st Gloucestershire Battalion has been hiding in the jungles for months, and now emerges to retake the base of Magwe from the enemy without a fight.

Suva has expanded its port to size 5, which will go a long way to helping the traffic jam that has built up there.

Recon reports are starting to come in, and we're building up a picture of opposition for Operation Cerberus.
I'm also setting some HQ units planning, this is something that I always forget to do, and I'd like to see if it makes a difference.

The Japanese are planning to continue the reinforcement of their Burma forces, another army is on its way to the area. And something is brewing at Rabaul, where lots of radio traffic means a large number of ships moving – I'd be willing to bet this is the battleship force getting ready to move out once more.

Finally, here are the lists of enemy kills of cruiser class and above. Remember, this is Intels best guess. The same Intelligence group that yesterday was spying on our own troops.

And here is a list of our own losses to date.

Yeah, I know its a larger list.