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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 205: Operational Report: 29/06/42

The enemy battleships are prowling around once more, as they come across one of our supply ships to the south of Port Moresby.

It is a short battle, and after two hits from the battleships mighty guns, the cargo ship is sinking beneath the waves.
Knowing that these ships are out there, the Banshee's go out after them, but are unable to get through the flack and damage the huge ship.

Our spy strikes again, not two days after I move the 67th out of Calcutta, the bombers return to maul the ships in the harbour.

Smithforce continues to weather the attacks of the larger Japanese force, they are dejected and low on supplies, but they still hold out.

Vulture squadron has another bad day over Chihkaing.

The troops at Hengyang hold for another day against the waves of Japanese troops.

We have a good day in Hong Kong, as we continue to reduce the enemies numbers in the city, only their strong leadership holds them together.

The 67th get sent back to Calcutta, hopefully, they can make a mess of those bomber tomorrow if they return.
I reorganise my sky trains to get them to drop supplies into Sinyang. I only just realized that Wuchang has 70,000 tonnes stockpiled, and I can afford to start shipping them out.

The Prince of Wales has reached Colombo, and is now moving towards Australia.