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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 207: Operational Report: 01/07/42

Trying to avoid the 67th Squadron, the enemy bombers attack some of our troops marching south. But even there they run into our fighters.

Its only one plane, but its enough to break up the enemy formation.

South of Chuhsien, we see more bloodshed as the enemy tries to advance on our forces once more.

To the east, another assault at Shaohing is also stopped in its tracks by our men.

Just as I'm planning a raid on Wake, I get this message.

So that put paid to any carrier based fun for a while, although they are going to be better for operation Cerberus. Its only nine days, but I find the timing interesting.

Today, the first part of that plan is going into effect. Recon on the Ellice Islands has told me that Vaitupa is empty and Funafuti has about 400 men on - this means a rapid invasion should allow me to take these Islands without much loss.