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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 209: Operational Report: 03/07/42

The city of Chittagong gets bombed today, taking out one of our level bombers in the area.

The enemy come at night, preventing our planes from taking to the air to stop them.

During the afternoon, they come out once more to raid our forces trying to link up with Smithforce.

This time, we get a plane up to meet them.

The Akagi is moving off towards Port Moresby, it may be time to get the British carriers out of the area.

Sinyang sees a bloody day as the Japanese make an converted effort to advance against our forces.

With equal losses, the new Imperial Army tactics seem to be brutal, but effective.
Near Canton, the once a month assault on our troops occurs, with the same results as normal.

Our assault at Hong Kong goes slowly, and once more forces there enemy out of their fortifications in the city.

There seems to be a break going on for the air forces at this time, as I got through the entire morning phase without seeing a single Japanese plane. In fact, there is little to report over all at the moment, much planning is going on, but that's nothing interesting to look at.