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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 21: Operational Report: 27/12/41

The Dutch cruisers go in for another attack at Kuching, sinking another patrol boat and unloading ship.

The enemies strike at Kuantan continues, attempting to soften the defenders up before the arrival of the 14th division as part of the invasion. This is followed by a second wave of 40 planes.

The enemy carriers continue towards Soerabaja, raiding the ships at Balikpapan along the way.

The Dragon continues to return home ahead of this pack. But the enemy soon sent a couple of squadrons of torpedo bombers her way. After this, the carrier are seen to be heading back away from our territory, having hunted down the last of the raiding ships, they hit Balikpapan again on their way out.
Just to make sure, they send another wave against the Dragon, scoring another three torpedo hits and sending the ship to the bottom.

To the north, the Hermes, out of torpedoes, arms its Swordfish with bombs and send them out to great effect against an enemy destroyer.

The Divebombers of Port Moresby also continue to harass the enemy, sinking another patrol boat and damaging another freighter.

Over Singapore our Buffalos take out another five enemy planes for no loss.

The SS Snapper Makes two attacks at a enemy freighter, the first uses up her remaining torpedoes, so the second is made at the surface using the ships main gun.

At Wenchow, the enemy continue their futile attacks, and continue to pay for them.

The long awaited attack on Davo begins as the enemy storm ashore from their boats. They sweep aside the small number of defenders and take control of the area.

The 51st PA Division is forced out of Lucena by a larger Japanese force.

That was a less than successful day, luckily for us, the enemy carrier fleet seems to be turning around, happy to have hunted down the last of TF308.
Elsewhere we have been losing land and suffering heavy bombing raids.

We do now have a good number of skilled pilots out there, and we have yet to lose an ace.

Sigintel shows more troops moving to the Philippines. But nothing about any new areas threatened by attack.

The enemy have moved into Clark Field.

This is still a small force, around a thousand men and a hundred armoured fighting vehicles, but more will be coming, our men are nearly out of time to organise their defences.

I have ordered 5 corps to try and retake Wuchang, If they can overwhelm the enemy there then we can at least have one offensive this year.

Beyond this, there is little that can be changed today.