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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 210: Operational Report: 04/07/42

So this morning as I was getting up, I decided to send the Wasp and the Long Island to Midway to patrol against a possible Japanese attack on the island – as predicted by Intelligence.

I think I may have made a good call, as a carrier is spotted in the area. The taskforce will not be there for a couple of days, but they Japanese may hang around, or I may get an invasion force.

I would like to point out that I've not save scummed once for this LP, and this is another one of those time where my intuition seems to have been correct.
If only I had been a couple days earlier, I might be engaging a carrier today.

The fighters I put into the air are able to take out the small number of planes that arrive over the island – I don't get a id on the carrier, but it can't be one of the big fleet ones, as we'd be seeing a hell of a lot more planes.

The Japanese try once more to take that isolated British outpost that remains in the north of Borneo, but the few men defending the area have had months to prepare, and cause some heavy losses on the Japanese as they come ashore.

The battle continues to rage at Sinyang, as hundreds die in the ruins of the city.

Hengyang has been quiet for a while now, but the Japanese have finally rested and launched a fresh attack today.

In the north, the Japanese launch an attack on Tatung with five Divisions and support. Our men melt away under this assault.

We continue to advance at Hong Kong, slow but sure is the way to go.

The apperance of that carrier could mean its going to get interesting in Midway soon, but with the [/Long Island limited to 16 knots, it may be a while before they reach the area.
At Midway, both fighter squadrons are but on full alert. They'll get exhausted quickly like this, but that escort carrier will not be around for long.
I hope.

It is the Intelligence report that brings the most important news however.

Port Moresby will be under attack some time soon. The troops are already loaded into the ships and on their way. I have 14,000 front line troops and 30,000 support troops in the port, all with 100% planning and some forts to hide behind. Let them come.
Cox's Bazaar is also threatened, and I also have troops in the area.

Looking at the increase in accuracy and type of intercepts, I'd say that the Japanese code is finally broken - That message about a Sub being in a specific hex is a new one, and maybe the end of Intelligence incompetence is near.