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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 211: Operational Report: 05/07/42

At Midway, I seem to have underestimated the Japanese carrier force.

These escort carriers are all new to us, and look to be all the same class. This is a major concentration of Japanese ships, but still a vulnerable one.
The other Task Force also begins to flee towards Pearl Harbour

Taking off from the airfield of Midway, our bombers move out to try and hit the Japanese ships, first they must brave the enemy CAP.

They make some attacks, but the losses from flack and planes are heavy, and none of their bombs find their target.

They return in the afternoon, but the three active planes are unable to make it through the Zeros who now are expecting them, and casualties are heavy.

Off Brunei, the KXIV tries to make an attack on some of the enemy shipping, but is spotted and forced to flee before she can make an attack.

She can't do anything about the ships already at the British base, and the defenders surrender today.

Another enemy ship arrives at Port Moresby, and once more the airfield comes under heavy fire. More valuable planes are destroyed as the Kinugasa sits unopposed in harbour and fires away.

The Akagi continues to move towards the growing battle in Port Moresby.

The Japanese bomb that small force that retook Magwe. A huge force of bombers pound the base, and level the totally empty runway.

This base may be the perfect distraction for the Imperial Air Force.

I have decided to launch an attack at Kiukiang, as suggested by Asset Tracking.

We take heavy losses, but bust our way through the first layer of heavy fortifications at the base, we can win this, but it will cost us tens of thousands of men. On the other hand, we need to fight to break this deadlock, and the brave Chinese soldiers are going to have to pay the price.

Hong Kong continues slowly.

Well, the Midway defenders tried their best, but were unable to bag a kill. But at least they tried - that could have been something of an upset, even a single 1000lb bomb would make a mess of an escort carrier.
At least they prevented any attacks from the enemy ships, which is something of a bonus with all those ships fleeing south.

I order the attacks to continue at Kiukiang, and turn on replacements at Sinyang – they have been off for a long time now to conserve supplies, but with the air drops now working well, I can start rebuilding the units there.

The last thing of interest today is that in northern Shortlands, the enemy have built up their position to the rating of base, and seem to have been reinforcing their troops.