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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 212: Operational Report: 06/07/42

Off Japan, another tanker was able to sail away from a dud torpedo.

To the south, a Japanese destroyer suffers the same fate.

At Sinyang, the Japanese realize that we are now reinforcing our position and make a desperate attack.

While our assault in Kiukiang goes horribly wrong.

These men will need a few days to rest, then I'll try a less costly form as attack.
Hong Kong at least is progressing well.

In what continues to be a bad day for torpedo malfunctions, the Drum fails to get a kill.

In fact, she makes another attack later to the same effect, using up another six torpedoes.

The Akagai is moving back towards Singapore, so this is one less threat to worry about in the battle for Port Moresby.

Another bloody day, at least those carriers were nowhere to be seen.
I have little to say, apart from the fact that the Invasion forces for the Ellice Islands are now on their way, and they should (hopefully) be in our hands within the month.