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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 215: Operational Report: 09/07/42

Once more the airspace above Burma is filled with planes, a fighter sweep of Chittagong is indecisive.

Then the bombers appear, attacking the ships that are unloading supplies for the defenders.

Our bombers return the favour, but as they are not designed to do this type of mission, and the enemy have more fighters in the air than we do.

Our scout planes detect a couple of ships moving towards Port Moresby. We launch an immediate Banshee attack on them.

More battleships coming to make a mess of our airfield, the Japanese know we can't stop these ships with our dive bombers, so there are using them in lue of their own planes.

The day after we take Vaitupu, the task force for Funafuti arrives, and begins unloading its troops.

There are the usual accidents as the men unload, this is something that we are going to have to work on.

We take some losses during the attack, but we have three thousand men ashore after the first day, and we take out nearly a third of the defenders. This assault will not be a long one.

Another failed attack at Sinyang, as has come to be expected from the Japanese, who should just withdraw from this bombed out city.

This is nothing compared to the losses at Kiukiang, where the Japanese attack a force six times their size.

At Hengyang, the enemy also try an attack, but these men are more cautious than those in the big cities.

We make an attack to the south west of Chuhsien, but its goes wrong and we take heavy losses.

Hong Kong continues to be a stalemate as the Japanese continue to reinforce their men there. The AV is now back up to 45, 10 points higher than it was a few days ago.

With losses like that, China is rapidly turning into a quagmire of blood around the shattered remains of the major cities. Burma is not going well at this time, and I'm going to move the 67th down to Chittagong to try and help out there. They seem to spend their time flying between hotspots.

Apart from that, I spend my time trying to get more fuel to Sydney, which is still as dry as a bone, the thirsty ships there draining the fuel as quickly as I can get it there.