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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 216: Operational Report: 10/07/42

The Battleships arrive at Port Moresby.

We lose some more valuable planes, and the runway is wrecked once more.

Our bombers go out once more, this time with fighter support, and find no defending fighters.

unfortunately, they fail to get any hits. So this will be the last ship raid, I'll switch to trying to smash the ground forces from now on.
A following raid of Beauforts has more luck however.

The spy strikes again. As soon a the 67th Squadron has left Calcutta, the enemy make a strike at it.

This really annoys me. These are all valuable ships, and the AI is blatantly cheating here.

The Imperial Army continues its attack on Kiukiang.

At Funafuti, the remaining Japanese soldiers surrender to our forces.

Two more islands have been removed from the Japanese Empire, and with fairly minimal losses.

Another day of heavy ship losses.

The 67th is sent right back to Calcutta, as they seem to be the only thing stopping the Japanese from wrecking the important shipping heading into the city.

On the other hand, the first phase of Operation Cerberus has been a resounding success. We have taken the Ellice Islands. The shrinking of the Japanese Empire has finally begun.