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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 217: Operational Report: 11/07/42

A Japanese sub is prowling off India now. I think we last saw her down near Melbourne.

The bombers hit Coz's Bazar today, but they only cause minimal casualties on the enemy and lose six planes. Its time to stop these attacks, as they are not gaining me anything.

The 1st Gloucestershire Battalion at Magwe has succeeded in drawing 27,000 men down on them, they take some heavy losses before withdrawing, but have succeeded in forcing the Japanese to spend a lot of time diverting two divisions into the centre of Burma, and away from where they are needed.

The Herring makes a sold hit on a supply ship to the Marshall Islands.

She then makes an attack on one of the escorting destroyer, but fails to hit her.

The Grampus is not as lucky, and fails to hit a lone freighter.

The Captain of the Grunion goes a little crazy when he comes across the Sanko Maru, as he puts four fish into her while raking the ship with .30 cal and .50 cal machine guns.

The Banshee's make an attack on New Britain, but are fended off by the defending fighters.

While the Japanese take an unguarded island to the west of New Guinea.

Our 100,000 man army, less the men I sent to secure their supply line, arrives in Anking and sweeps the defenders before them.

It may finally be time to let the men at Hong Kong rest, as today does not yield the needed results.

After a string of poor days, we finally have a good one, the Anking force will continue to advance forward, destroying the Japanese forces wherever they are found.

I move a Catalina squadron to Vaitupu so they can start a recon mission on Tarawa, the next phase of Cerberus.

That makes 2 Divisions planning to attack Port Moresby. This could get interesting.