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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 218: Operational Report: 12/07/42

Some of our Warhawks make a sweep over Akyab, they come up against five times their number, but manage to come off even in the resulting scrap.

The Akagi makes another raid on Denpasar.

My real worry is that she will actually head off towards Port Moresby, she could really make a mess in the area.

We have a very good day at Sinyang, as the enemy go down in huge numbers, and our own losses are minimal.

At Shaohing, we see some more fighting, but nothing major.

We see a lull day, but we're about due for one of those. There were the normal raids on Eniwetok, but all they do is damage the airfield, miss all the troops and damage a few Japanese planes, so I have long since given up reporting them.

Although it looks like the pilot at Anyang got two kills, not one.

Our first recon reports on Tarawa are in, and their looking good. My men are at 20-30 planning so far, and I want to get them to 50 before I start loading them so we have a few more weeks. The other part of Cerberus, the attack on Buna, is in a similar state.

We continue to get reports of the 48th Division is heading to Port Moresby, and I'm trying to send the British carriers north to intercept, but with no idea how long it will be before they arrive, this is a shot in the dark.