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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 219: Operational Report: 13/07/42

The Pickerel Uses up another of our dud torpedoes on a freighter.

As does the Salmon on a Patrol boat, before slipping away.

The Pickerel then uses a live torpedo and its deck gun until they use up most of their deck gun's ammunition.

The I get a surprise, it seems that the Japanese carriers are still in the area, as the pilots from Midway report that they are attacking.

Only two planes make it through the fighter screen, and they are brought down by the combined flack of the ships.

This gives me hope, as our own carriers are in the area still.

The Japanese then launch an attack on the Island, and our fighters go up to meet them.

The Japanese are surprised by this attack, and take heavy losses.

The I-6 misses one of our patrol ships, but slips away from its attacks.

There is another attack on Shaohing is beaten back.

Right to the point, where are my carriers?

It looks like they turned back today, so I've ordered them back at full speed – this will take its toll on the engines, but I don't want to let those carriers get away again!

At Kiukang, I'm ordering a deliberate attack, with artillery support (I hope). The Prince of Wales has reached Perth and refuelled, and is now on her way to Sydney.