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War in the Pacific

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Part 22: Operational Report: 28/12/41

The bombing of Kuantan continues unabated. Over two hundred planes are seen in the sky over the city during the course of the day.

It also seems that we were mistaken over the movements of the enemy carrier force, they are still moving towards Soerabaja, but are continuing to raid Balikpapan. They fail to hit any of the ships in harbour, and many of their planes are thought to be damaged.

They do sink two light freighters running fuel between Balikpapan and Soerabaja however.

We have a poor day over Rangoon, losing three planes for only one enemy kill.

They then raid Soerabaja harbour, hitting the Dutch cruisers there heavily. The Tromp takes five hits, and the Java three.

Our own planes are swept aside with the huge numbers of enemy bombers, but the damage could have been worse, 72 bombers and only eight hits is a miracle.

Ocean Island is invaded and captured by the Japanese today, maybe they wish to have a staging point for further invasions.

Barring the attack on Soerabaja, this has been a quiet day.

The Tromp is burning heavily, and is expected to sink soon, but it looks like we will be able to save the Java.

We have to hope that our torpedo bombers will get airborne tomorrow, if the enemy carriers are still around, then we may still salvage something from this situation.

Again, there is little we can do today but wait. Hopefully tomorrow will bring us good news. Don't worry, I have a feeling things will heat up soon enough.