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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 223: Operational Report: 17/07/42

The Japanese go after our supply lines to China once more, but this time they attack at night, to prevent me getting any fighters into the air to stop them.

Then they return in the day, it seems that once more the Japanese feel the only way to stop my successes in China is to starve the soldiers.

A Japanese sub gets close to Pearl Harbour before fouling up an attack on one of our destroyers.

The sub then has to flee our depth charges, but we cannot confirm any hits.

While our own Narwhal takes on a supply ship heading to/from Wake.

The enemy at Canton makes another pointless attack, and is beaten back once more.

Wow, this is really a lull period, I'm hoping the attack on Port Moresby kicks off soon, I'm kind of loathed to start my own assault in the area until those troops spotted on the ships have been found and dealt with.

The men from Coz's Bazar will march out tomorrow, less one brigade who this time will stay and defend the port.