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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 224: Operational Report: 18/07/42

Our sub hunters continue to do well, as one of them is hit by the sub their hunting.

She soon slips beneath the waves.

When I got this report I could scarce believe it.

Three working torpedoes? What would the chances be.
Oh yeah, and one of our subs killed one of theirs, massively. I would have thought one torpedo would have been enough.

The Trusty sends a report of two destroyers and another cruiser.

These are most likely on their way to bombard Port Moresby, or they could be the screen of the invasion force.
The Greyback continues a busy day for the submarines by taking out one of their sub hunters on the route to Rabaul.

Another large raid on our supply depot, this time the flack guns bring down one of the attackers, but once more I'm going to have to flee this base.

A mass assault on Sinyang occurs today. Twenty thousand Japanese soldiers charge our lines, and both sides take heavy losses.

The only upside is that most of our losses are disabled, while most of theirs are destroyed.
Another major assault from the Japanese superstack forces our men our of Taiyaun.

For the disparity in numbers, we make them pay for this one.

Mainly a day for the submarines, with some large Japanese assaults in China.

I disperse the supply planes in Burma, to stop this daily destruction.

Eniwetok is under threat, this is no surprise, as it has been isolated for a good time now.

I'm also sending the Yorktown and Enterprise to Midway, as apparently this is my month for big ass stupid mistakes.

Yep, the Wasp is out of fuel near the area the Japanese are continually raiding with their carriers.
The supply convoy is on its way, but this is not a good situation to be in.