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War in the Pacific

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Part 225: Operational Report: 19/07/42

Another Japanese submarine is sighted off Colombo.

Again, we have no idea if we hit it or not, but at least our patrols are making more and more attacks on the things. Its only a matter of time before we get a kill.

The enemy can no longer strike at our concentrated supply flights, so they attack one of the smaller airbases.

Eniwetok comes under attack today. The Japanese begin landing troops at this cut off base.

The guns open up, and although they are small calibre, they cause some losses to the landing Japanese forces. But not knowing how many men the Japanese have to land, its hard to know if this represents significant losses.
But we continue to lay into them.

This doesn't stop the daily raids on the shattered airfield though.

Across the day, the anti-aircraft guns continue to strafe the ships unloading troops, killing more men.

The Japanese soldiers who have landed launch a chaotic assault on our well prepared defences.

In the north of Borneo the Japanese invade another of the forgotten bases, and suffer some serious losses.

Another assault at Sinyang is beaten back.

And we recommence our assaults at Hong Kong, but the Japanese have rebuilt their defences here.

Well, that was a satisfying day. The Men at Eniwetok, although largely forgotten, manage to butcher over two thousand Japanese assault troops without loss.

In China, I have some attacks planned for tomorrow.

At Hengyang (far left) we are going to try and push the Japanese back, the main army, to the north east of Anking are going to attack Luchow before following the line of attack marked, some of the men in Anking are going to strike north to push some men back from the city we fought so long for.
Finally, we have 5,000 men to the north of this who are facing off against 1,000 Japanese soldier, so I'm going to try an attack there.

I'm now moving a transport squadron to Calcutta to use it to supply Cox's Bazar.