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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 226: Operational Report: 20/07/42

The Japanese continue to unload troops onto the shores of Eniwetok.

The men who do get ashore promptly surrender to our men, having come ashore amongst the bodies of the first wave.

More troops are landed in the north of Borneo.

While a fresh cruiser is sent to bombard Port Moresby.

At least none of the dive bombers were hit today.

One of our supply trying to keep Sydney fuelled up is hit by three torpedoes today.

Another day, another assault at Sinyang. This one a very minor one.

We take Luchow today, smashing our way through three levels of fortifications like tissue paper.

the story is repeated to the north as we push back the small Japanese force holding the river. This then cuts the supply line for the Japanese forces in Sinyang, this leaves only the road to Kaifeng as a supply route.

And we also begin our attempts to push the Japanese 104th Division out of Hengyang.

Its amazing what 92,000 Chinese men can do. The march to Shanghai is now on!
I do change the direction however, as there is a block of 13,000 men to the south of Luchow, and I'm not about to let them cut my supply lines.