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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 227: Operational Report: 21/07/42

The bombing of our scattered supply lines continues today, but the enemy can only hit one base for minimal damage.

The rest of the planes make a run at bombing Smithforce.

Another sighting of the Akagi. I like to keep tabs on the big ships.

At Guadalcanal, our men have marched south once more. The Japanese try and bombard our forces, but only manage to take out one of their own squads.

We lose Beaufort today, the men defending it numbered less than a platoon, and they were not willing to fight a fill Japanese Division. They suffered heavy losses unloading on the beaches, so this is still in our favour.

Shaohing comes under attack one more, but we beat them off with ease.

While we continue to hit the Japanese in Hengyang, the battle there continues to be even, with our greater numbers assuring us victory. Tomorrow I'll order a shock attack, and see how that goes.

We also see continued fighting in Hong Kong, but until we get fresh troops there, this is a stalemate.

China continues to bleed the enemy, who are quiet on most fronts at this time. There is still no sign of that invasion force for Port Moresby, but the British carriers are once more on their way north to patrol the enemies line of attack.
Their lower on fuel than I would like, but there is nothing I can do about that that I'm not already doing.

I seems that the Japanese plan to take our other Guadalcanal base. Its hotting up in the area.